What is SEO (search engine optimization) FOR BEGINNERS ?



SEO Simple means Search Engine Optimisation.

let us define Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the procedure in which a blog or website is improved, both in standard and quantity in google, bing, yahoo, youtube, and other search engines so as to appear higher in the hierarchy or ranking among other blogs or websites



Search engines are a series of measures in which items in a database are identified through their keywords, attributes, or features as used by the writer in a blog or websites

let’s talk more about how Search Engine Optimisation works


Search Engine Optimisation works with keywords of the blog or website and is also a most important building block. these keywords enable the post or pages in your blog to trend in the search engines.

Now, you might be wondering how you can get these keywords. All thanks to some app. developers for creating apps compatible with our browsers to generate this keyword as the rank in search engines. Examples of such apps are

While creating your SEO,  you have to consider and focus on the following to make the SEO standard and optimal. They are

  • Focus Keyword
  • Post Title
  • Metal description
  • Focus key phrases
  • Additional key phrases
  • Snippet preview

FOCUS KEYWORD:  This is the word or niche that you want your post or page to be ranked for in search engines. The audience or researcher will use the keyword to locate your post or page when he/she types in a browser (chrome, firefox, etc). You can get the focused keywords by installing some keywords app. in your browser. An example of such an app. is the keywords everywhere app. and many others.

POST TITLE; This helps to show the people in your blog what your post or page is about. This contributes to the popularity of your blog. The post title is the actual heading of your post. It is classified on your page structure as an H1 heading, helping the search engine to understand the structure of your page and there should be only a single H1 heading per page. Also, the length of the post title should be 40 to 60 characters.

The post title should provide user information, and brand name, have a sense of urgency, and finally sound like a question that will make your  reader interested to know the answer you are to present (like what is, why, and how)

METAL DESCRIPTION; This is the summary of your content or post, presented to the readers in the search engine result. It is a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) code in a web page header. it should be brief, informative, and interesting to the readers because it forms an attraction point for your audience, whether to open the post or not depends on the Metal Description most times. Its character should be limited to 120 (mobile) and 155 (desktop).

FOCUS KEY PHRASES; In your search engine, the phrase which appears in one or a few words is the focus keyphrase. The keyphrase determines the ranking of your post, so you should make research online to know the trending phrase of the topic or niche you are to write on and not be carefree about it.

ADDITIONAL KEY PHRASE; This key phrase compliments the focus key phrase to bring to the audience the depth of meaning of the phrase or related phrase the audience might understand. it shows varieties of phrases the writer can use.

SNIPPET PREVIEW; This is the short piece of text that appears underneath the title of a website, which tells your reader what the post or page is talking about and this makes the reader pick the interest or not. This influences the click-through rate and determines your post or page ranking. so it’s wise that you take your time and write an interesting and attractive snippet preview

Search Engine Optimisation has three basic areas within it. They are

  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO or Links

Is the improvement of keywords and other key elements of your page or posts to enable search engines like google, youtube, etc rank you higher or better than other related searches. it gives search engines (google, youtube, etc) understanding and presents your post clearly to the readers. as such, making it ranks better. The title tag and post (H1 heading) should be short and descriptive. It should also have the year included and match the trending niche.


Is the enhancement/improvement of your website and server that helps search engines work effectively and improve the organic ranking of your blog or website. By doing so, you help your search engine crawl and evaluate the web page or post based on the user’s experience, page loading rate, and understanding of what your page is all about

A technically optimize SEO has the following features

  • Indexation
  • Ranking high growth/ Increase
  • high performance
  • crawl ability

This is the external optimization of your blog or website to facilitate ranking in the internal search engine result. this includes backlinking and mentions of other sites.

The external enhancement of the website or blog makes the search engine find it worthy to be trusted and have expert statutes.

Off-page SEO activities include

  • Local SEO; is the optimization of search engines to be visible to physical locations,  geographical areas
  • Linking; this is the digital connection of one blog to the other through the process of referring a post from another post by showcasing experts and influencers, having a strong opinion, building strong keyword pages, research, and analysis, being relevant and guest posting.
  • Content marketing; This is the formula used in marketing what you sell by attracting, engaging, and maintaining your customers/subscribers through sharing important videos, pictures, articles, etc
  • Events; In this process, you create awareness programs, bonanzas, shows, etc to attract your audience and make the feel lively to always patronize you
  • Reviews; This is the process of evaluating of your product and service from time to time, to know how to improve, get back your audience and show off your product and service for people to patronize. it can also be rating and analysing blogs of a particular type






Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the procedure in which a blog or website is improved, both in standard and quantity in google, bing, yahoo, youtube, and other search engines so as to appear higher in the hierarchy or ranking among other blogs or websites

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