What do i need to know about WordPress.org ?



WordPress.org of WordPress is considered

Higher, customizable, controllable, 100% free for anyone to use, open source, and more user-friendly than WordPress.com

WordPress.org have some attributes like

  • full ownership of the website as such your data are safe unless illegalities against their non-rigid policies are faulted by you
  • you can create a pathway for people to see which content to see and not to see unless they subscribe as members (This is achieved with a membership plugin)
  • features like credit card payment through membership plugins, delivery of goods from your site, and online store where physical and digital goods are displayed and sold are created through self-hosted WordPress
  • an ad can be run through the site and revenue generated is not shared with anyone but by the site owner
  • apps. and free plugins are available to make your blog fully optimize and cashable
  • easy to use and user-friendly properties
  • analytical and tracking apps like google analytics etc work perfectly on it
  • it gives a good ground for email management

In the setting up of WordPress.org, different costs are selectively tagged to a value. Free plugins, templates, themes, and apps are provided as a bonus to the cost attached to a particular pricing plan.

For a blogger who wishes to make money from a blog, you are recommended to use WordPress.org to enable you to design and modify your blog in a way to achieve your aim of creating a particular

WordPress.org is a better platform. This is the platform that every professional blogger, small business owner, and even big-name brand often uses because of its accessibility and control. So if you fall among those categories, you are advised to use that to get the most out of it.

WordPress.org gives access to build the easiest way to create an eCommerce website. WooCommerce offered by wordPress.org helps to make your store, you can choose from many other WordPress eCommerce, membership, and LMS plugins.

Now let us get to the main point on how to create a WordPress site (the org.com site)

  • To start a WordPress website of org.com, you need a domain name and WordPress hosting. In choosing a domain name, it’s advisable to choose one that is short in words and can be easily remembered by your audience. A domain name is your websiteā€™s address on the internet such as classicrichblog.com, google.com, wpbeginner.com, etc. Web hosting encompasses the storage where website files are stored for editing, optimizing and uploading. Bluehost is recommended for hosting your website because they are one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. They are an official WordPress.org recommended web host. They also offer their users a free domain + free SSL + 40% to 60% off on hosting. You can install WordPress and build your website for free. Learn more about how free WordPress blogs are set up by wpbeginner and make yours.
  • InstallĀ  WordPress blog software.
  • Log in and write your first blog post.

while writing your blog make sure to choose a good niche. you can go through What do I need to make a good niche?

  • Change your blog design by picking a theme.
  • Install a couple of essential plugins.
  • Install SEO tools ( check the about SEO here www.bluehost.com )
  • Use the SEO to optimize the blog to become standard for the search engine to rank high
  • Post it and continually upgrade it to meet periodic and google requirement

In recent times, users of WordPress continually ask how they can switch from WordPress.com to WordPresss.org which is more user-friendly. I am going to give you those steps right away.


    1. Exporting data from WordPress.com
    2. Setting up WordPress
    3. Importing content to WordPress.org
    4. Ā Blogroll links importation
    5. Setting your WordPress.com blog to private
    6. Redirecting visitors and preserving the SEO

Let us explain in detail the steps above


What do I need to know about WordPress.org?

To achieve the above,

    • Sign in to your wordpress.com site.
    • Then move to your account dashboard.
    • From the left column click on the ‘Tools menu’ and click on the ‘Export all’ option.
    • Your files will be exported once it’s ready
    • And a download link will be visible, so you can click to download the zip file on your computer. WordPress will also email the link to your email address
    • After the download, unzip the file and inside it, you see the XML file that has all of yourĀ  pages, posts, images, comments, tags, navigation menus, categories, etc




After unzipping the file, the following should be done

    • Setting up the new WordPress installed on your website. This is easy to install and when using a blue host, it is done automatically
    • After the above step, import the new content to the new WordPress.org.




To import this content to the newly hosted site.

    • Login into the Admin Area
    • Visit the tool import page and click the install now button below WordPress
    • WordPress will now install the WordPress importer for you and when this is done, click on the importer link to continue
    • It will take you to the screen where you will be asked to upload the WordPress.com XML file that you downloaded

When the files are large, what does one do?

You have two steps to follow

  • Asking your hosting company to INCREASE THE LIMIT TEMPORARILY to finish the process
  • Splitting your file by USING WXR FILE SPLITTER

As the importation of the file is active, options on whether the imported files are to be assigned to created new users or existing users. File attachments can also be imported. All files should be checked for proper importation.




This part is for people who use blog roll linking or other links.

OPML format which is an XML format that allows the importation and exportation of links and links categories.

An example of the outlook is http://example.wordpress.com/wp-links-opml.php

Note. the example above, represents your site name in WordPress. like http:classicrichblog.wordpress.com

And you can access your file using the URL in the format



  • To save the OPML file opened in your browser window, Press CTRL+S (Command+S on Mac) to save the file on your computer. after backing your link, you can import it to your WordPress.WordPress.org linkWordPress.org

A plugin is known as a LINK MANAGER plugin. helps in the linking process and needs to be installed and activated. it will now be will add a new menu in your WordPress admin bar with the label “Links”

Also, the OPML importer plugin is needed and it helps the new importer tool to import your blogroll link, as such you need to activate and install it after activation, visit the Tool import page and click the importer link below the blogroll importer.

On the Blogroll importer page, upload the OPML file you saved earlier and click on the import OPML file button. These links are now imported by WordPress from the OPML file. After that, the success message will be displayed.


Challenges that made people move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

  • One can install a plugin in wordpress.org
  • It can be monetized
  • Third parties display of Ads. to your audience



Visit your old site dashboard and from the left menu, click on setting general menu, scroll down the privacy sections, and select the private option. Then click on the save setting button. this makes your site seen only by you or any allowed member.




Using the 301 headers to redirect the user to the new location is a standard solution to keep search engine ranking while moving the site from one location to another in various platforms. it is a paid upgrade of $13 per year. WordPress.com offers paid upgrade future called Site Redirect to retain your ranking since there is .htaccess on WordPress.com. on your WordPress blog dashboard, click on the manage setting menu item and under the site address option, click on the redirect link to perform the redirect action. It will take you to another screen where you will provide the domain name to redirect your visitors. Then enter your wordpress.org new site’s domain name ad click on the go button



WORDPRESS.ORG WordPress.org of WordPress is considered Higher, customizable, controllable, 100% free for anyone to use, open source, and more user-friendly than WordPress.com WordPress.org have some attributes like full ownership of the website as such your data are safe unless illegalities against their non-rigid policies are faulted by you you can create a pathway for people…

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