What are the Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.org?



  • There are abilities to monetise the blog I.e you can make your blog, make money for you.
  • Collections of Plugins, extensions, and add-ons, can be installed.
  • Third-party ads displayed to your users and more.
  • Gives you complete ownership and control of your website through Search Engine Optimisation.
  • It is customisable in the sense that there are available templates of many websites for free that you can use to design your own website, you can also choose a spectacular way using the menu options and other structural redesigning tools.



It’s said that everything that has an advantage, also has disadvantages. But one has to consider which is greater in other to make a good decision. Here are the disadvantages

  • Managing a self-customizable WordPress requires a study on how to do so unlike WordPress managed to host by word press. So to some, it becomes a challenge. But to something challengeable lies gain.
  • Some little Codings like CSS and HTML might be needed by those who wish to gain deeper control(most times not relevant). So it serves as a challenge for some
  • Unlike WordPress.com, it does not requires drag and drop. So one needs a little knowledge of it to function or as well install drag and drop plugin
  • WordPress.0rg needs in general a little study to operate with it effectively

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.org

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