Making money offline and online as a student, undergraduate or graduate in 2023

Ways to make offline and online  money as a student, graduate or undergraduate

Making money online and offline
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As a student, graduate or undergraduate who wishes to enrol and work. There are different job opportunities for you and those job activities, especially campus related require you to understand the needs of the students. When this is done, you get related solutions and make cool cash from it. In this article, I am going to open your minds to different opportunities you can take advantage of to make cool cash.
There is power and dignity in labour no matter how little

For undergraduate student and students seeking to enter into high institutions 

You can make money offline or online.  But I will elaborate more on online opportunities in other to be convenient for you and also allow you focus on you education .I am going to make it clearer and simple by treating the offline opportunity separately and the online opportunities following suite

Learn a skill before you get admitted in the school or as a student today

Such skills might seem small or belittling but your ability to package and organize it to an enviable venture  lies in your hands.

NOTE: Any skill learnt is an edge to your mates no matter how little it is, it can from little, land you to greatness


                 Offline jobs are as follows

  • Writing notes and photocopying them for sale: A smart student, who keeps his notebooks and lectures well updated in writing, can photocopy the notes and duplicate them for sale, especially during examination periods or periods


  • Electronic repairs: this includes learning how to repair cell phones, rechargeable touch, radios, mp3, power banks etc and in ¬†turn get paid and become financially step ahead of others. You can be made as a starter at $10,000 annually and up to $40,000 and above subsequently. You can learn through this link. Electronic Repair¬†


  • Shoemaking and repairs

this is the process of learning where leathers, rubbers and shoe souls used in making shoes are bought, the craft of cutting different designs and shapes, the type of chemicals used in joining different parts of the materials, the cost involved in calculating amount of materials used and how to sell it to make gains. Etc. As a starter you can be making $20,000 annually and over $50,000 and above. You can learn through this link shoe making process.


  • Learning how to repair umbrellas and other related structure. Definitely, every student uses an umbrella during raining season. Your ability to know how to repair those things when it spoils, can give you some money assistance you need in many ways. You can earn $10,000 and above. You can learn through this link. Umbrella repair¬†


  • Learning hair-dressing and weavon making

Making of hair and weavon is a skill, which have been sustaining many students and most of them makes a great living in and out of school.   As a student, it a advisable to learn such skill and make a living in your free time. You can earn $30,000 and above annually. You can learn from hair weavon entrepreneurs or through this linkwaving your weavon


  • Student as well can learn furniture making and make much benefit from it

Furniture making, have become a lucrative business and with great expertise, one can establish a great business from the skill, and  have that one as part of there establishment even after school. You can earn $40,000 and above annually. You can learn from. Furniture making 


  • Soap and Detergent making is a great skill which a student can learn and get paid subsequently as he makes it for his fellow students or even the market at large. You can earn $40,000 dollars and above annually. You can learn from Soap and detergent manufacturing¬†


  • Painting is a another skill which a student can easily learn and mostly when there is vacation he can work and save money to enable him or her solve some financial problem in school. You can learn from this link painting process


  • Drilling of borehole or some contract works are ways that can help a student work and also perform well in school unlike permanent job. For your bore hole drilling you can learn from this link. Borehole drilling process


  • Tutoring kids that are in nursery and primary school.¬†

Some parents seeks private tutors for there children to perform better than there fellow student or to catch up with the follows. So this is an advantage for students to make some financial aid to assist their education and other needs. You can start by creating banners for the program and paste it in different areas with your contact. Or even going through various schools, alerting them, sharing your contact in case of such developments (like extra school lessons or private lessons)



Online jobs are as follows

  • Web developer
  • Online tutoring
  • Social media manager
  • Blogging
  • A blog developer
  • YouTuber
  • Tiktoker
  • Facebooker
  • Freelance writer
  • Resume writer
  • Online influencer
  • Web designer
  • Transcription
  • Graphics designer
  • Virtual assistance
  • Editor
  • App developer
  • Content creator
  • Social media operator
  • Etc

I will treat the above mentioned online opportunities one after  the other, to make you understand in details, so that the essence of this content will be appropriately met.


Web developer

Web developing entails creating a website, using programming codes and languages eg CSS, PHP AND JAVA SCRIPT. The amazing thing about being a web developer is that it can be learned online and you perform the job after learning online and you also earn online.

  • You should start by getting to learn the introduction to web development.
  • Learn and understand the common web development languages like HTML, CSS, and javascript
  • Browse through web development and see if it’s what you can really enjoy doing become a web developer

A web developer earns $66,000 and above


Online tutoring 

Being an online tutor cuts across many disciplines. Education, Religion, social media, business, management, sports etc. You can find what you like. If you don’t know it well, you can learn using that zeal, that you love this. Then you can change it to a making money venture as you offer a value through your tutoring online. Using different platform like zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, telegram YouTube and many others. There earning varies


Social Media Manager

This is a digital skill, where you can learn how to use social media. By creating businesses through social media channels. Here you will need to know various social media like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, telegram, yahoo, Gmail etc and how the operates. To learn more go to



A blogger is one who regularly write on a blog or website online. Bloggers varies, depending on the contest of writing. Be it news, politics, entertainment, religion, sports , culture, food etc . The concentrate on various topics, which are called niches. And it’s expected that a blogger has to write on a topic, he or she is versatile with or loves, to get the best of him. follow this link to become a blogger 


A blog developer 

A blog developer is one who knows how to create a blog and add as many features as needed for the blog to work optimally. A blog developer must be conversant with SEO optimisation and all the requirements for a blog to stand out. To become a blog developer, you have to apply for adsense when you have enough enriching post in order for goggle to start paying you  , click on the link . blog developer  


A youtuber 

A youtuber is one who have a youtube account and publishes informations always on his channel. A YouTuber must understand the trending words needed to caption a video or information published, with the respective tags and settings to Excel. To be YouTube he makes more like $75 dollar per annum and more, visit YouTube.


A TikToker

This is one that has a TikTok channel and updates/ uploads regularly. The app they use is called Tiktok. He understands the Tags and choice of words to use in other to be optimal in his TIKTOk. Become a tiktoker by downloading and using TikTok today.



This is a person who uses Facebook daily, in order to maximize its profits. He knows all the features a d uses it to effectively. He or she can monetize it and earn very well from it and it can serve as a person’s sole business.


A freelance writer

This a person who specializes on writing article for any social media who needs it’s services and he works on part time basis and on contract. They are self-employed. To become a freelancer, click on the freelance link


Resume Writer 

  • Some people, are very Good at writing a good resume format. Especially if you know that you have gotten some kind of job with a good resume recommendable. You can actually turn it to be a monetizable skill and even write for people on LinkedIn. They are hired online to prepare some documents and get paid in return. Visit for more information. Check for more details here

Online influencer

These are experts who have mastered the act of What they represent on social media, with the authority to achieve their audience. They use such authority to market and sell products. It involves endorsement and display of good in the media. He is the master of his niche and as such have a great number of followers. They are social media assets owning to the distinct socialization and relation with their audience. Visit here to check more online influencer 


Web designer

This is a person who have specialized in creation and design of a website. Knowing the types, the purpose of the site and a good domain for it. He maintains the site, gives good optimization and offers proper professional help to the client/owner of the site he created.


This is the proper representation of spoken words/ audio in an organized writing. When one masters this act, he or she have a great advantage to work from home. Documenting and sending the transcripts article to the employer and being paid as agreed by the two party. Thus, the person works on a contract basis and they are self-employed


Graphics designer

A graphic designer is one who assembles images, templates, typography etc to make a design. He designs images and videos used in social media, television, banners, book, etc. Know more about a graphic designer


Virtual assistance

Virtual assistants work through the internet, and phone calls to render mostly administrative activities like scheduling events, arranging appointments, email management, travelling arrangements etc. Lean more 



An Editor is more of a management skill which requires more of writing, editing, gathering of content for publishing purposes. He or she works with a facility that requires publishing/press activities. Learn more about An Editor



                       App Developer

An App Developer a person, who specialises on creating applications installed in a digital device for specific functions. The digital device can a mobile phone, desktop, tablets, laptops, plasma televisions etc. App means Applications .He earns so much and he can work from home too. An app developer uses programming languages and codes to create applications, which are used the reason that their creations were inspired.  Learn more

Content Creator

A Content Creator is one who writes articles, creates videos, images etc. And upload it into the internet, for the various platform meant for it. The writeups, images and videos are called contents­. Become a content creator now 


      Social media operator

A social media operator is one, who specialises on managing a social media in such a way that, his channel is well analysed, optimised and beneficial to him and others. If someone who has Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc manages it well and has lots of subscribers, the person can earn a living with it. You and I, using social media a social media operator




Ways to make offline and online ¬†money as a student, graduate or undergraduate As a student, graduate or undergraduate who wishes to enrol and work. There are different job opportunities for you and those job activities, especially campus related require you to understand the needs of the students. When this is done, you get related…


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