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how to grow from zero to riches

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How to grow from zero finance to higher finance

As a man growing in finance. It’s always difficulty but discipline and goal setting can make you reach your dream and make you create more fortune than you can imagine.

NOTE: Go fully through this article and then click on the words underlined to take you to various links to learn further.

In this article, I am going to highlight the basic

  •        Pray for God’s inspiration early in the morning when you wake up and in the night before you sleep (you don’t need to learn how to pray, just close your eyes and say “my creator inspires me to riches”. That is enough if you say it with your whole heart and believe, you have communicated to your creator. It’s only faith that makes our God hear us not too many words. God reveals lots of wisdom to one and it makes the person exceptional. God bless both the good and the bad. His wisdom is far from what we believe.

  • Learn how things work in creation of wealth. “Freedom don’t come from making money, it comes from learning how things work”, by Francis obiejesu


  • Check what you are best in and learn how to solve the worlds need with it and montize it at along run. “Your talent is a God given tool for your riches, learn to make money with it”, by Francis obiejesu

  • Define your business and don’t run from one business to another. “Definition of your business, determines your outcome”

  • Capital management practices is needed when you have been able to raise money from scratch, the little money made can be rationed to add some as capital, some for expenses and some for investment. Your capital should always be increased and managed for high growth of business. “ we should not be comfortable in spending our capital but allow it grow to make us more comfortable


  • Create value. “Your believe becomes your thought, your thoughts becomes your word, your word becomes your actions, your action becomes your habit, your habit becomes your VALUE, your VALUE becomes your destiny”,by Gadhi. As your value increases, your wealth increases

  • Doing what is financially right. “Don’t do what you like, do what is right and make make what you line your like” by Francis obiejesu

  • Find someone you love and know how he made it, study about that person and try to work in that lane in your own way because you can never be a person because everyone is unique but you can achieve what one achieves following the persons principle.

  • When you see an opportunity, never joke with it. Be truthful and honest as you utilize the opportunity. Because, “ opportunities are situations whose odd is in your favour”

  • Be consistent in your daily hustle. Never be ashamed to do a job where you see as little money as possible. But be wise to use the little money you make. Make sure u save from any job or labour. Work hard and find time to rest but be consistent, because “ consistency is create a result unimaginable”

  • Have a positive mindset at any given situation because positive mindset create good orientation. “Life rewards you according to your orientation and not according to your understanding” . Poor orientation produces poor results and rich orientation produces rich results. Always believe that no matter how many times you fail, it draws you nearer to success, so  work harder

  • Organize your knowledge. Because “ until knowledge is organized and directed towards a particular course, it will not be productive”.

  • Learn a skill example. Public speaking, Barbing, hairdressing, mechanic, graphic designs, excel or computing methods, web design, blog design, catering, dancing, comedy, singing, trading, DJ work, ushering work, football, basket ball, tailoring, fashion designing, artistic work, News brocasting, shoe making, painting, borehole drilling, repairs or troubleshooting, police or army work, road safety, farming, productions, etc. Learn one or more and be creative about it. No matter how little people see it, with creativity and consistent in it, people will marvel at the riches and results you can achieve with it.


When you have gotten all this on play, it can be very productive with this TWO TOOLS




Business matering is the act of being consistent in working hard in the business you have chosen, learning more about that particular business offline (like seminars concerning  the business, studying more courses on the business.) . You can once in a while, go for one month, two months, six months or yearly courses to improve and master the business. This is called updating yourself in the field to serve the public better with increasing technology in the world. Go online to do online courses in the field by using the internet. People uploads on daily basis there ideals and also know that knowledge and ideals are generated daily , so go online and acquire as much as you can.



One thing successful men and women are known for is their orientation of investment. When you have saved a little money, you can use it to buy something no matter how little like land, a shop, shares, insurance etc. All this appreciates as the year goes and can give you the kind of profit you never imagined in years to come. Don’t always master spending for it will keep you in a regret zone. My people invest no matter how little.

NOTE: Always verify properly before investing so that it will not be a fruitless investment.

One of the key elements of a modern and sustainable investment is trying to find a good mentor to always guide you.

A mentor reforms your mentality, he teaches you the process and sources of wealth creation.

There is a great difference between MENTORSHIP and APPRENTICESHIP

A mentor reforms your mentality and shows you the source, guides you through the process and keeps in touch to make sure you achieve your goal. While

An apprentice shows you the craft and allows you to find other ways to wealth through the process of the craft he taught you.

NOTE: There is no bad business but only bad business orientation.


  • Businesses don’t fail but the people that run it
  • Businesses fail because people don’t have enough knowledge to run it
  • A person’s business is shown in his output

NOTE: Your business dream does not come through from your desire but from the competence, you were able to develop.


  1. Business Novice
  2. Business Beginner
  3. Business Competence
  4. Business Proficiency
  5. Business Wealth Distribution
  6. Business Wealth Transfer

We are going to use a bicycle rider learning process to explain the various process


This is the initial level of a person’s first encounter with a job or task, therefore he acquires knowledge on how to perform a task, from the rigorous learning process, and experiences gained,  from the failures and successes of the various learning process. At this point, the person might not have been able to master the rules and regulations and thus might violate some and obey some. He is not really held responsible as much as other workers. Just like a person learning to ride a bicycle he cannot really stand on the bicycle but falls in an attempt to move


At this level the person must have achieved a level of experience and mastered the basic rules, the person can work with some coaches without much guidance as before, asks questions, and the person can design a project but might not be able to do it well. The bicycle rider at this point can move the bicycle but staggers along the way


At this level, he has a sense of control without thinking much. Just at this point the bicycle rider can move without watching the pedals and other functions and get to his destination. At this point, the person must have had lots of experience and work using a scale of preference according to the importance attached to a particular task. A person can set plans and execute them perfectly


Using the analogy of a bicycle rider, the rider has reached a level of riding competition. He performs tasks using his intuitions based on a high level of experience


At this point, the business resources generated from scratch can be distributed to grow more capital and comfortability, and buy cars, and shops. Etc

The wealth generated from the business should be distributed in such a way that when you are getting old, your wealth will work for you


This is the process of transferring mindset, character and ways that built the enterprise from generation to generation for proper growth and expansion Of the business empire. Business Habits built can be transferred. The fundamental belief is transferred also to create a great output.

Habit sustains wealth not theory”

Obi cubana
Obi cubana

Let’s use graduates of Nigeria university as example.( Obi cubana ) who’s actual name Obi iyiegbu a graduate of University of Nigeria with bachelor of art degree in political science. Having satisfied that theoretically, at the first year he was a NOVICE and at the second year, he became a BEGINEER having understood basically to an extent  what political science was all about, at the third year, he became competent to defend his theoretical knowledge and at the final year he was now proficient to defend himself .

He also did his youth service as part of the university curriculum and he took little money paid in the National Youth Service Corp( NYSC) following the principle of wealth creation managed to pay for his accommodation and other expenses. He managed with his friends in an apartment in Zone 4. Abuja also in compliance with wealth creation in saving by managing with his friends, saving money and doing various expenses.

In Abuja where he did his youth service, he met a client who gave him the chance to furnish his house. In this aspect, he now practically applied the NOVICE EXPERTISE TO PROFICIENCY. In his PROFFICENCY he was able to start a real estate business to finish, where he made his first N600. The client in appreciation also gifted him 500,ooo. Making it 1,100,000. Thus, his first million in life.
He progressed by joining a contract work in Abuja.
Furthermore, he signed a contract with PPMC

In the aspect of wealth distribution, he bought his first Mercedes V – boot and other properties.

In addition, he exercised wealth distribution as he invested in a bear parlour and establishment of Cubana which is recognised in the international and national economy.


How to grow from zero finance to higher finance As a man growing in finance. It’s always difficulty but discipline and goal setting can make you reach your dream and make you create more fortune than you can imagine. NOTE: Go fully through this article and then click on the words underlined to take you…

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